Monster Prince And The Eternal Kingdom


It's the prince against the world


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Monster Prince and the Eternal Kingdom is a two-dimensional platform adventure game that follows along the lines of the Metroidvania games from the era of 8 and 16 bits. In it, you will explore a fantasy world full of danger.

Levels in Monster Prince and the Eternal Kingdom are randomly generated, but they will normally have certain elements in common. In the first few levels, for example, you'll run into various types of determined enemies, like snails and bats, while later on you'll have to face off against much stronger opponents.

As you advance through the game, you'll be able to collect different items and gain levels to improve your abilities. You can equip different weapons and armor, use torches and potions, raise your hero's maximum health, and many other elements typical to games of this genre.

Monster Prince and the Eternal Kingdom is a great Metroidvania. It's very promising despite the fact that it is still in its development stages. It has good graphic design, and entertaining gameplay that is sure to remind you of the best Castlevania and Metroid games made for Super Nintendo.
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